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Maerix, the only EHS & HR reference

Maerix is the undisputed leader in the development of management solutions used by Environment, Health and Safety specialists as well as Human Resources. Since 1999, the company has spearheaded the market with professional software that meets the continually evolving needs of its clients. We have renowned customers worldwide who continue to be satisfied with our simple, efficient and ingenious solutions. Built by professionals for professionals.

Our Company
Our History
Our Team

Maerix today!

+ 300 businesses

From small businesses to multinationals, our software is perfectly adapted to the diverse realities of working within so many different areas of occupation. That’s why so many companies choose Maerix!

36 countries - 6 continents

Our software is used worldwide through the web. Multilingual and available on a variety of platforms, these management systems are accessible to everyone, regardless of their geographic location.

+ 200,000 Users

Our clients love our software because it’s so easy to use and the modules are adapted to each user level. Here is proof that our software adapts to the different environments and needs of organizations. Whether local or global, all these companies have proven satisfied with the performance of their solution. They have also benefited from higher productivity than their major competitors.

Maerix is much MORE!

Simplicity, Efficiency & Ingenuity

These 3 essential words well describe our company philosophy and guide our daily actions. This motto is also reflected in our software development thus allowing users to reap the benefits day after day. Because each user is different we have adapted our systems accordingly, which surely explains why they are known to be as simple as they are intuitive.

Established in 1999

Maerix has built an experienced, dynamic and talented team of key professionals with a broad scope of expertise. With many years of experience in the Health - Safety and Human Resources field, its first-class products and services puts Maerix in first place.

A gesture that goes off the beaten path!

Maerix uses part of its profits to protect 47 acres of forestland in the province of Quebec. Owner of 2 preserved areas, one located in Lac St-Jean and the other in the Lanaudière region, Maerix wants to share this carbon credit incentive with its partners as well as potential customers. Discover how you too can benefit from this great initiative. Finally, a unique green twist! That’s thinking outside of the box!

  Learn more about carbon credit 

Why choose Maerix?

Quickest return on investment

Acquiring a Maerix management software is a worthwhile investment. Since there's no IT installation required and very little training, you get an instant overview of your EHS and RH situation. All these benefits make for the quickest return on investment!

Enhanced productivity

Our solutions greatly reduce errors, so your EHS and HR professionals will be able to perform their work with ease. Furthermore, time will be saved since the duplication of efforts will be eliminated. Your company will be more profitable now that the value added tasks will be prioritized.

Acquire a set of professional tools

All the Maerix solutions are designed and developed at our head office. Our qualified and experienced team is composed of Health - Safety and Human Resources professionals, engineers, programmers, graphic designers, etc. To ensure continuous improvement of our business solutions, our team takes your comments and suggestions very seriously. Doing business with Maerix is enjoying the benefits of professional tools built for professionals like you!

Company's history

Maerix in 1999

Where it all begins!

Éric Veilleux and Maxime Tremblay founded Maerix and incorporated the company. Their motivation was to provide management solutions for hazardous materials that are efficient, simple and ingenious, as no other organization does.

Maerix in 2000

Up & Running in

Having set themselves up rudimentary premises in Saint-Eustache in the province of Quebec, the two accomplices went into full swing on the creative process of the Sym2dut software program. The work hours were long and hard, but when the first clients showed interest, they were immediately blown away by the novel software that had been created. By the end of the year, companies were already using Sym2dut to manage their MSDS needs.

Maerix in 2001

The Sainte-Adele Chapter

In the Spring of 2001, Maerix establishes temporary headquarters in the city of Sainte-Adele while waiting for the renovation of new premises in La Rolland Business Park, a Technology Park that lies on the historical site of the old Rolland Papermill. As the waters of the nearby Riviere du Nord kept flowing strongly and constantly, so did the number of clients. Sym2dut is upgraded to better versions and several major enhancements are made to the software.

Maerix in 2002

The Birth of Smaat

Settled in their new location since april 12th 2002, Éric and Maxime get started on another 'old' project. The Smaat software dreams turn into reality and Smaat becomes the second Environment, Health and Safety management software in Maerix's product range.

Maerix in 2003

A Healthy Growth Pattern

The year 2003 sees a continuous increase in the number of customers and satisfied users. Maerix adds a new service to its repertoire: data entry and Material Safety Data Sheet updates. The Maerix team grows. Well-known Canadian employers chose Sym2dut as their preferred method of MSDS management.

Maerix in 2004

Change in administration

Maxime leaves the company for new challenges... It’s the beginning of significant changes in the way Maerix does business.

Maerix in 2005

Maerix worldwide!

Maerix switches to SaaS mode (Software as a Service), hires qualified employees and aquires cutting edge computer systems in order to render all applications available on the internet.

Maerix in 2006


Thanks to major investments and changes, Maerix lands its first international client. The following years prove that Maerix has the knowledge and expertise to secure a prominent place around the globe.

Maerix in 2007

Sustained Growth

With sustained growth, being attentive to our valued customers needs and major investments, Maerix start the new adventure of custom development. Our goal is to eliminate monster Excel spreadsheets in businesses.

Maerix in 2008

Socially responsible

Maerix has been aware, since the beginning, of its impact on the environment and decided to get involved in protecting a fragile ecosystem unique in Quebec. Thus, not only did the clearcutting cease but it also allowed the company to capture the equivalent of its greenhouse gas emissions.

Maerix in 2009

Maerix's 10th anniversary

Since its foundation, Maerix keeps growing every year and it has always been important to have the best team of professionals. They know how to meet the many daily challenges of creation, implementation and management of our EHS and HR solutions. Maerix crossed another milestone by celebrating its 10th anniversary and prepares to make 2010 its biggest year ever !

Maerix in 2010

More and more customers

Maerix tops the 200 customers and inaugurates its new server room equipped with cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of its customers.

Maerix in 2011

Independent in technology

After thorough analysis, Maerix made a major change by developing its own online platform. Maerix controls 100% of its products and services, and thus holds a unique expertise.

Maerix in 2012

Being responsible in an environmental way

The company is strongly committed to sustainable development and uses its profits to acquire and shelter over 19 hectares of Quebec’s forests. Spread over two protected areas, Maerix wants to share this Carbon Credit reserve with its numerous collaborators, as well as its current and future clients. On average, it takes the planting or protection of 24 trees to compensate for a light vehicle’s CO2 emissions for a one-year period.

Maerix in 2013

The big move

To meet its expansion, Maerix acquired a new building to establish its offices. Located in Piedmont, Maerix team has an exceptional work environment fostering the creation of new solutions.

Maerix in 2014

A new visual signature for
the 15th anniversary

Maerix crossed another milestone by celebrating its 15 years of business. The whole team is united and celebrates this great accomplishment. After several months of continuous efforts of development in partnership with Cirque du Soleil, Maerix officially launches Synapse. This new training, knowledge and skills management software/LMS has an immediate hit with its distinctive visual signature and its features simplifying all aspects of training related management.

Maerix in 2015

What's new?

With the arrival of the new global regulation of the GHS and to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers, Maerix conducts a complete overhaul of Sym2dut the hazardous materials management software. This software now bears the name of Paratox Pro.

Maerix develops and markets another new software! Jobarix, our preventive analysis software enables you to analyze every risk in relation to a task, a piece of equipment or a workstation. It discloses all hazards and implements control measures to reduce risks to workers and the environment.

Our Management Team

Since its foundation in 1999, Maerix keeps growing year by year and it has always been for us to have the best team of professionals. They know how to meet the many daily challenges of creation, implementation and management of our health and safety, as well as human resources software.

Eric Veilleux - President and CEO

Éric Veilleux

 //  President and CEO

Mr. Veilleux has over 20 years of experience including 9 years as OHS manager at Bombardier Aerospace. He left Bombardier in 1999 to form his own company, which is Maerix today. It is through his vision, his innovative ideas as well as suggestions from our many clients that our solutions continue to evolve.

Simon Marsolais - IT Director

Simon Marsolais

 //  IT Director

Mr. Marsolais has a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Sherbrooke. Mr. Marsolais is responsible for all research and development of our IT management solutions. He oversees the design and implementation of functionalities within our software, supervising a qualified and experienced team of engineers, programmers, analysts, technicians, graphic designers and integrators.

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