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Setup in 5 easy steps

Did you know that 96% to 98% of computer system implementations fail in the information technology domain? With Maerix, you are guaranteed to be part of the 2% to 4% that succeed with our 5 easy steps to implementation. Become a success story by letting our experienced team be your guide.

Contract signing

The first order of business is the officialization of our partnership with our service contract, which will present in detail, the usage conditions of the chosen software. It should be noted that the duration of the contract is adapted to your needs, allowing greater flexibility. Only a few minutes after everything is signed, you can already start to benefit of the best management tool on the market. We accompany you afterward through the implementation process, which is much simpler than you can think!

Startup meeting

For this meeting, our team will be on-site to answer your questions. We will also review the software that was chosen to ensure you understand every aspect of its customization. Once that’s completed, we will help you determine the best way to import your data.

Who should be attending?

Every actor with an active role in the implementation and use of the software (e.g. The IT manager(s), human resources, health and safety managers, etc.)

Where should it be held at?

Preferably at your offices so that we can know your work environment and to make it easier for you to gather everyone required to work on this common goal.

When should it be?

As soon as there is an hour when your team is available to join our team.

Why ?

During the meeting, we give you the required tools to ensure and facilitate the proper gathering of information. We will also discuss the implementation grid, so that everyone is aware of their involvement and to establish and agree on convenient timetable. Then, in order to better suit to your business reality, we will examine together the correlation of the different fields within the software and identify the ones that could be customized to your needs.

Here at Maerix, we are committed to accompanying you in every stage of implementation.


Regardless of the current platform supporting your data (SAP; ERP; LMS; etc.), we can easily transfer it into our software. Once we receive the data, we immediately proceed with the importation.

Do you have rotating personnel or many organizational changes in your company? Don’t worry; you won’t need to duplicate tasks. We are able to setup an automated importing routine to facilitate automatic updates of information into the software, at a frequency that fits with your needs.

Setup and training

Like you, we’re committed to the success of our new partnership. We are committed to adapting and customizing your new tool. We are making sure it answers your needs and meets the highest efficiency standards. This turnkey service also includes the training for the software for your key employees. Our expertise combined with your knowledge and skills will be put to use throughout the interactive training session.

At Maerix, we advocate the principle of training the directors, who will in turn disseminate the training to their teams and employees. It is possible to adjust our service according to your specific demands and to give you the best available experience. Once the initial training is completed, if you have any other questions (technical, functionality, research or others), you will have unlimited access to phone support without any extra fee.

Satisfaction day after day

The 5th step is a never-ending one, as it continues throughout our partnership. This phase is especially important to us and we want to confirm your total satisfaction day after day! To support that we continue to follow you throughout your experience, at the frequency that is the most convenient to you.

To top this off, if you have any questions, our phone support will allow you immediate answers and our email support will help you in the minutes following your request. Don’t forget that whatever the reason you are contacting us, this service will always remain free.

With Maerix, you are not only buying software, you are also buying a unique experience. You will not find such exemplary service and peace of mind anywhere else.

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