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Maerix, a safe house for your data

Always at the forefront of new developments in our field, we stand out with cutting-edge equipment and ground-breaking technologies. All of our systems are web-based; offered as a service (SaaS); multilingual and available worldwide. Being tech pioneers has always been a priority for us and this means ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and security of our customer's data, day after day.

Software as a service (SaaS)

Maerix offers its solutions as services in the SaaS model, over the web. The benefit for our customers is that they do not have to purchase or install any software. Instead, it works as a rental. This way, it allows small and medium businesses to use a software that they would otherwise not be able to use due to high purchasing costs.

Maerix, Cloud owner!

Maerix owns its computer servers and only our certified and authorized employees have access to the facilities where your data is hosted. Since Maerix owns its servers instead of renting server space we can guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and security of your database from A to Z. We can also guarantee that the data is stored on high performance, high quality equipment. Furthermore, we have complete control over the physical and virtual accessibility of your data.

As serious as data security should be!

In addition to the security, integrity and confidentiality guarantee on your data, Maerix will take care of everything tied to backups and maintenance. We have in place an elaborated, continuous monitoring system, for real-time information on all our services. In accordance to our emergency measures plan, we have put in place technical redundancies that allow higher reliability in availability and optimal disaster recovery.

Powered by fiber optics

On top of being in real-time, the data transmission is done through optic fiber uplink, the fastest and most secure link available on the market. Therefore, data accessibility is achieved at the speed of light!

A safe house for your confidential information

Because our IT architecture is highly secure, we were able to easily obtain the official accreditation from the Canadian government regarding the management and hosting of confidential information. We are proud to mention that we have passed each step of the process with flying colors, including multiple security checks and other technical verification.

Benefit from inter-system connectivity

Maerix has put at your disposal connectivity APIs with the express goal of communicating with work environment management tools already in place within your organization. Our software can therefore become a much needed complement to your integrated management software (ERP) such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle Taleo, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. to then allow you to benefit of complete management in EHS and HR.

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