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Regulatory compliance with management software

This intuitive system is so simple and easy to use allowing you to focus your efforts on prevention while our team takes care of making your chemicals inventory globally compliant. Look no further, PARATOX translates into Simplicity, Efficiency and Ingenuity!

Exceeds GHS compliance / WHMIS 2015

Benefit from an effective transition to GHS regulations since many display options are available simultaneously (GHS, WHMIS, OSHA, EU).

Not your average SDS library

  • Get instant access to your custom-built library of safety data sheets (SDS) including the 16 sections of GHS centralized within a single system
  • Team of dedicated experts to help you in the many steps of chemical management
  • Forget your old paper binders and Excel spreadsheets!
  • PARATOX is the one-stop shop for your hazardous material management
Paratox manages your Safety Data Sheets

Because a lot can happen in 2 seconds...

In case of emergency, get immediate access to SDS information using the QR code embedded in Paratox labels. You will save precious minutes that are crucial in crisis management.

You’ll stick to our labels!

Choose the format and regulations applicable to your business when creating and printing your labels. Customize by adding information specific to your organization.

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Fast and easy access!

  • Entirely web based
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Accessible on all devices and platforms, regardless of your geographical location
  • PARATOX will easily become your corporate solution
Did you know that?

There are more than 6 million hazardous chemicals in the world and about 1,200 new chemicals are developed each year. That is a huge amount of safety information to incorporate into a successful prevention plan. PARATOX will allow you to perform your due diligence as well as ensure your compliance with different regulations. This software puts users first. PARATOX will enable you to solve the many different problems that can arise in your everyday tasks. Your search ends here: all you need to do is to contact us!

A detailed inventory of your hazardous materials

  • Store your chemicals safely according to their incompatibilities
  • Associate your hazardous products to their site of use
  • In case of an emergency, you’ll be quickly able to locate which inventoried products were used and how they were stored
  • Make the right decision and have peace of mind knowing that you have instant access to information in a flash

A detailed personal protective equipment registry

The software offers a customizable registry of personal protective equipment (PPE) linked to each of your products. It will enable you to educate your employees to handle the hazardous materials properly.

Custom access rights

  • Different type of access available such as: read only, read/write, full administrator, etc.
  • Specific features can be restricted according to your employee’s daily tasks, responsibilities, and overall work

Powered and designed with cutting-edge technologies

As a Cloud owner, Maerix ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and security of your database. Powered by fiber optics, PARATOX is designed according to the highest industry standards, making it the fastest and most secure connection possible.

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Seamless transition

Whether you currently use a spreadsheet or an outdated system that no longer meets your needs, the transition to our solutions is easy and seamless! You will be operational with your all-new database in no time. No more spreadsheets or paper or filing cabinets, just PARATOX! It’s that easy to switch from your old habits to PARATOX the most powerful hazardous materials management software.

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