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Reach your "Zero Accident" target by using our EHS management software

SMAAT, our health, safety, environment, and absenteeism (EHS & OHS) management software will enable you to significantly increase your efficiency. This intuitive system is so easy to use that it allows you to focus your efforts on prevention while providing you instant access to your most important data. Look no further, SMAAT translates into Simplicity, Efficiency and Ingenuity!

Step by step accident reporting

A complete module is dedicated to the event reporting. The employees will be guided through the process with clear and precise guidelines and customizable mandatory fields.

Real-time statistics

  • 100 detailed graphs such as: number of accidents with lost time, number of first aids, costs related to events, % of corrective actions completed on time, the workplace positions that are most at risk, and many more!
  • Quick overview of your EHS situation and easily compare your data.
  • Focus on what matters the most

Simplify governmental reporting

  • Automatically completed forms such as: CSST, ADR, RDT, OSHA 300, 301, WSIB Forms 6, 7 and many more!
  • Save time while eliminating task duplication
  • Complying with the law has never been this easy

Increased employee accountability

  • Decide if you’d like to receive automatic email notifications
  • Determine the person in charge and let them keep track of critical information in the applicable deadlines
  • Customizable workflow process ensures optimal monitoring and record keeping of near misses, injuries, corrective actions, inspections, etc

Fast and easy access!

  • Entirely web based
  • Available in many languages
  • Accessible on all devices and platforms
  • SMAAT, the only global solution you need for EHS management
Did you know that?

With an average of over 96 accidents per year per workplace, the amount of reporting and analysis this entails, not mentioning the additional resources used is a significant drawback to everyday management. Using SMAAT, our EHS & OHS management software will help your staff to implement profitable and successful preventive and corrective actions. SMAAT is different. This software puts users first. This is a health, safety, environment, and absenteeism management solution that will enable you to solve the many different problems that can arise in your everyday tasks.

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  • Designed with users in mind
  • The ideal compliance tool to help you achieve OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 requirements
  • Powerful solution for record keeping and incident tracking
  • Help everyone to be more productive in their daily work
  • SMAAT will make you realize that you have more time than you think

Custom access rights

  • Different access levels, such as: read only, read and write, full administrator, etc.
  • Limit specific software functionality to certain roles and responsibilities for your employees.
  • Restrict accessibility to confidential data such as training costs, wages, etc.

Powered and designed with the cutting-edge technologies

As a Cloud owner, Maerix ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and security of your database. Powered by fiber optics, SMAAT is designed according to the highest industry standards, making it the fastest and most secure connection possible.

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Seamless transition

Whether you currently use a spreadsheet or an outdated system that no longer meets your needs, the transition to our solution is easy and seamless! You will be operational with your all-new database in no time. It’s that easy to switch from your old habits to SMAAT the most powerful Health - Safety - Environment (HSE) and Absenteeism management software.

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