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LMS software that centralizes management training

SYNAPSE, our training, knowledge and skills management software will allow you to build your training plans, plan your training sessions, as well as keep a complete history to optimize your follow-ups for both traditional and online training. This simple, intuitive Learning Management System (LMS) is easy to use, allowing you to concentrate your efforts where they are needed, while reducing time consumption and executive cost. Look no further, SYNAPSE translates to Simplicity, Efficiency and Ingenuity!

Keeping the learning history

Check the complete training and learning history covered by your employees, chronologically, with a single click. You will be able to easily observe your training needs.

Tin Can xAPI standard

The software supports traditional training as well as online courses with the new Tin Can xAPI standard that allows data collection through a wide range of experiences.

Session planning

Simplify your planning process by prioritizing training sessions and choosing from a wide range of specific criteria to build your training plans in line with your requirements.

Approval process

An entire module is dedicated to those overseeing a work team, allowing them to approve or decline invitations for training or enroll new employees.

Training session preparation

  • Decide to receive automated emails informing you of the location, date, technical requirements, timetable, and duration of a training session
  • Direct link to your electronic calendar
  • Your employees will never miss a training session again!
Did you know that?

Management training can often be difficult and complex. A recent survey of the Brandon Hall Group suggests that more than 50% of LMS users are not satisfied with its performance because it does not meet their basic needs. The survey also presents the high price points for the acquisition of a Learning management software, which is far from a guaranteed satisfaction. The most sought-after characteristics are the capacity to obtain a vast array of detailed reports, the easiness to navigate throughout the software and the high quality of customer support bundled with higher-than-average technical support. SYNAPSE is different. This software puts users first.

This is a training, knowledge and skills management solution that will enable you to solve the many different problems that can arise in your everyday tasks. Your search ends here: all you need to do is to contact us!

Complete data analysis

  • Get instant access to your attendee training results
  • Obtain and analyze “Big Data” collected at each training session
  • Centralized all the multimedia linked with your training sessions
  • Generate automatically your own attendance sheet
  • Create your own course evaluation forms
  • Concentrate your efforts on tested and proven courses instead of those with low yielding results

Real-time statistics

  • Multiple detailed graphs such as training costs, compliance degrees, participation rates in training sessions and training hours
  • Powerful search engine that gives you access to any report you need
  • Designed for effortless compliance with the current laws and regulations
  • Specific module for workforce skills development and recognition
Synapse offrers detailed graphical statistics

Custom access rights

  • Custom access rights
  • Different access levels, such as: read only, read/write, full administrator, etc.
  • Limit specific software functionality to certain roles and responsibilities for your employees.
  • Restrict accessibility to confidential data such as training costs, wages, etc.

Powered and designed with cutting-edge technologies

As a Cloud owner, Maerix ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and security of your database. Powered by fiber optics, SYNAPSE is designed according to the highest industry standards, making it the fastest and most secure connection possible.

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Seamless transition

Whether you currently use a spreadsheet or an outdated system that no longer meets your needs, the transition to our solution is easy and seamless! You will be operational with your all-new database in no time. It is that easy to switch from your old habits to SYNAPSE the most powerful Training - Knowledge - Skills (LMS) management software.

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